Dry Ice Blasting Calcium Carbonate & Rust Build-Up in Neutralizer Tank

This last weekend we were called upon for a high pressure job. Years of build-up of calcium carbonate and rust was contaminating the water in this neutralizer tank. Our customer needed a quick solution to remove this hard build-up without damaging the tank or wasting time chiseling and scraping away by hand. Dry ice blasting was the perfect solution.

For jobs like these it is important to have the right equipment and experience level to know how to accomplish the customer’s goals. Fortunately, Enviro-Blast has the most experienced personnel to evaluate and plan an efficient cleaning job that minimizes a company’s downtime. Not to mention, Enviro-Blast has the most expansive fleet of American-made Phoenix-200 high pressure dry ice blasting machines on the market. These factors make our company uniquely capable of handling your dry ice blasting needs with maximum efficiency.

Check out the video which shows the very beginning of the cleaning process on this neutralizer tank and some before and after pics:


Another happy Enviro-Blast customer!


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