Production & Plant Maintenance

Dry ice blasting is perfect for your production and plant maintenance sanitation needs because it reduces production downtime, since equipment can be cleaned without adding any residual waste. Dry ice blasting is the simplest way to ensure that your production stays on schedule, and is as efficient as possible.

Preventive maintenance is also a huge benefit of this cleaning process. Making sure that your plant remains clean guarantees that your equipment works its best. Dry ice blasting removes dirt and grime particles quickly without harming even the most sensitive industrial equipment because the process will not etch the substrate.

Industrial Manufacturing/Robotics

Dry ice blasting is an ideal process for cleaning all types of electrical equipment for the industrial manufacturing and robotics industries. The process is non-abrasive—meaning no damage to small, delicate machine parts. Dry ice blasting is perfect for cleaning all manufacturing equipment including generators, turbines, small components, insulators, switches, wires, cable ways and trays.

Our process allows your equipment to work its best, preventing failure and long shut-downs later. Unlike other media blasting processes, there is with no additional cleanup or drying time! Maximize your efficiency while minimizing your downtime and labor costs with our cleaning process. Regular cleaning of manufacturing and robotics equipment will ensure the machines a longer useful life.


Dry ice blasting is perfect for automotive applications. The process removes grease, weld slag, sealant, dirt, dust and other contaminants; reducing cleanup time and eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. Proven applications include: welding fixtures, weld lines, blow molds, compression molds, injection molds, foam molds, E-coat, and aluminum molds.

Dry ice blasting cleans mold release agents from permanent core molds, such as interior auto parts and panel molds, seat molds and tire gasket molds. It can also be used to clean robotic welding arms, pins and fixtures that hold parts in welding departments. Dry ice blasting allows automotive parts suppliers and assembly plants to address a variety of cleaning challenges quickly, safely and economically. Our cleaning process can also help preserve the integrity of fixtures, and help to eliminate or reduce additional labor costs.

Food Processing

The dry ice blasting process is well suited for use in the food and servicing industry because CO2 is food grade quality. Our process allows faster and more effective cleaning of a number of types of bakery and food processing equipment; such as ovens, conveyor belts, molds, dry mixers, laminators and food packaging equipment. It is non-toxic and leaves behind zero secondary waste. Thus, ensuring that your equipment remains healthy to use and meets the stringent standards held by your industry.

Cleaning with dry ice effectively replaces expensive and labor-intensive manual scrubbing processes and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. There are many different food processing industries that can benefit from this service.

Plastics, Rubber and Foam Manufacturing

Dry ice blasting has revolutionized the cleaning of molds in the plastics, rubber and foam manufacturing industries. The dry ice cleaning process removes the build-up of surface residue from the product mix—including release agents and overspray—faster and more effectively than traditional cleaning methods.

Even the heaviest build-up can be removed with dry ice blasting! This process removes residue that can cause mold fouling and lubbers. Dry ice blasting also cleans slot and screen vents at the same time. Cleaning with dry ice does not damage the molds or distort their shape in any way.

Additional Applications

  • Sanitation
  • Marine Equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textiles
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Restoration & Recovery
  • Builders & Service Contractors
  • Engineered Wood
  • Electric Motors
  • Equipment Cleaning

Why choose dry ice blasting? Check out all of the advantages of using this technique.

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