Dry Ice

Removing layers of thick paint in paint booth with dry ice blasting

Enviro-blast is no stranger to dirty jobs that require our technicians to crawl into confined spaces and blast at high pressure. This paint booth had so many layers to it that high pressure was the only way to go. We hit it hard with our Phoenix-200 blasting units at about 160 blasting psi. Check out […]

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Dry Ice Blasting Robotics/Electrical Components

The robotics industry regularly utilizes the cleaning powers of dry ice blasting. As you can see, robotics cleaning and maintenance is a perfect application for dry ice blasting. While aggressive enough to remove the contaminants, the dry ice blasting process is also gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the paint.   Here is a great […]

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The Various Uses for Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

The’s best part about dry ice blasting is that there are so many reasons to utilize it. Since dry ice blasting is nonflammable and nonconductive, it is safe for use on electrical equipment—whereas ordinary blasting methods fail to provide this option. Remove smoke damage from a building or factory. Dry ice blasting is extremely effective […]

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