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    We have a vast fleet of dry ice blasting equipment models from which you can choose. What separates us most from our competition is our 20+ years of experience. We are a proud distributor for Phoenix Unlimited, a premier dry ice blasting equipment manufacturer. This distributorship allows us to sell Phoenix dry ice blasting machines as well as their associated nozzles and other spare parts that become necessary over the course of the machine’s life. In our experience, the Phoenix models have proven to be the best dry ice blasting equipment available—but we have many options to fit into your project or budget needs.

    We’re a full-service provider when it comes to renting dry ice blasting equipment. Not only do you receive top of the line equipment, but we’re also able to handle any and all repairs that may come up during your use of the equipment. Whether you’re handling the job yourself or if you’re more comfortable with a knowledgeable team doing the job for you, we can help. Enviro-Blast can also provide the ice needed for cleaning, so you don’t need to go elsewhere to get what you need. We’re a one stop shop. Come see us today for your next dry ice blasting project.

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    Supervised Rentals

    Think your team can handle the job themselves? No problem. We offer complete setup, training and site management to ensure that the process goes smoothly for you and your team. We also offer a number of different package options. Let our experienced staff guide your workers to make sure that the equipment and process is running as efficiently as possible.

    We provide it all. The tools to get the job done and the help to make sure it’s done right. We’re looking out for our customers, and we’re dedicated to giving them what their business needs. The dry ice can also be delivered with the rental equipment packages to reduce your shipping and delivery costs. Our company doesn’t just want to provide you with equipment. We want to assist you and help your business experience the benefits of dry ice blasting.

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    Full Service

    We have a variety of rental options to choose from for your dry ice blasting jobs. We’re a full-service company, Enviro-Blast can not only rent out the needed equipment to you—we can also come in and do the cleaning ourselves. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and we know every part of the job. Save yourself the time and crew and let our company setup and handle the cleaning processes.

    Our cleaning technique exceeds our competition and all industry standards. We maximize efficiency and make sure the job is done right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded need for call backs. Enviro-Blast can provide the dry ice blasting equipment rental, the dry ice needed, and the knowledgeable staff members necessary to complete the job. Call Enviro-Blast today to set up your next environmentally-friendly clean up.


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