Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally-friendly cleaning method. There are considerable benefits to dry ice blasting compared to traditional media blasting services, such as sandblasting.

  • Utilizes a natural byproduct (CO2)
  • No secondary waste
  • Non-toxic
  • Less cleanup = less downtime
  • Cost-effective for business owners
  • No harmful ingredients/residue


Sandblasting is an old and outdated method. While still effective for some applications, it is very abrasive compared to dry ice blasting.

  • Not safe for use on electrical equipment
  • Chance of clogging motors or damaging parts inside of devices
  • Waste left behind
  • Not eco-friendly

No Damages

Our process is efficient and non-abrasive. Dry ice is soft enough media to leave minimal/no etching on most surfaces. We respect your property and we want the best results possible. Every job is unique. We will review your needs and find the best solution for you and your business.

Sublimation Process

Dry ice blasting cleans surfaces through a combination of kinetic energy, extreme temperature change and the process of sublimation. Dry ice is pure, solid carbon dioxide at 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Under normal atmospheric conditions, dry ice is actively sublimating (changing its state from a solid to a gas).

The sublimation process is accelerated by the collision of the dry ice particles with the substrate. The dry ice sublimates directly on contact with whatever you are blasting. Blasting with dry ice is the only form of media blasting that leaves no residual waste.

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Eco Friendly

Dry ice is the cleanest media available. Pure, solid carbon dioxide is non-toxic, contains no secondary contaminants, such as solvents or grit media, and is GRAS for use in food industries. Unlike all other forms of media blasting, dry ice is non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive form of cleaning.

Dry ice blasting can also be used on electric motors, circuit boards, etc. without damaging electrical or mechanical parts. Additionally, blasting with dry ice creates zero fire hazards; in fact, CO2 is a natural fire suppressant. Dry ice is great for removing residue built up on production equipment over time; such as biofilms, grease, oil, sludge and other contaminants. Enviro-Blast is proud to provide dry ice blasting services as an innovative, environmentally-friendly, decontamination and sanitation solution.

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