Dry Ice Blasting Robotics/Electrical Components

The robotics industry regularly utilizes the cleaning powers of dry ice blasting. As you can see, robotics cleaning and maintenance is a perfect application for dry ice blasting. While aggressive enough to remove the contaminants, the dry ice blasting process is also gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the paint.


Here is a great example of the advantages of dry ice blasting. Let’s think about other cleaning methods our customer could have used:

  1. Water blasting: power washing with water can be great for lots of different things but there are some downfalls that make it impossible to use on certain applications. The water used to clean surfaces creates a giant wet mess! Also, if you aren’t prepared to get the entire surrounding area around your target soaked, water blasting probably isn’t your solution. Not to mention water has a tendency to lead to rust. Rust doesn’t look good on many things, especially expensive robots and electrical wiring. Dry ice is a water-less solution.

2. Sand blasting: this method cleans aggressively, sometimes too aggressively. If you don’t want to remove paint this is not your solution. Also, fine sand particles often find their way in between moving parts and can lead to extensive damage. Dry ice does not etch surfaces or add any additional waste.

3. Hand cleaning: hand wiping can only clean so well, and porous areas often remain dirty as a rag or towel cannot thoroughly clean them. Also, with hand cleaning you are often spraying harmful chemical cleaners to help remove build-up. Dry ice blasting removes the need to use harsh chemicals and cleans more thoroughly than any average Joe can with a rag.

Example of robotics cleaning using Enviro-Blast dry ice blasting technology:

BEFORE                              AFTER

   robotics cleaning dry ice blastingrobotics cleaning dry ice blasting

   robotics cleaning dry ice blasting robotics cleaning dry ice blasting


Enviro-Blast has a variety of machines available for rent or purchase that can speed up the cleaning process saving your company time and money. We sell machines to the robotics industry in all 50 US states and the rest of North as well as South America.

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