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Dry ice blasting can be used for a number of different applications. Some industries that benefit from this exceptional service include: production and plant maintenance, injection molding, electric motors, food processing, boat cleaning, etc. Enviro-Blast also offers equipment repair and inspection services.



We’re proud to carry a wide array of top-notch equipment. Our Phoenix machines are the most aggressive fully-pneumatic pellet cleaning equipment on the market today. We also provide tabletop units for softer applications. Choose from our wide selection of new and used systems, parts, hoses and accessories for all of your dry ice blasting equipment needs.



Minimize downtime while maximizing your production efficiency. CO2 blasting has proven to achieve outstanding results as a cleaning system in various ways. Since CO2 sublimates on impact, it creates no additional waste. It’s also environmentally friendly; dry ice blasting replaces toxic chemical cleaning processes!


Enviro-Blast has the experience and expertise to get the job done. Our equipment has never looked better. James, Hydro Abrasive Products


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